Brickcover® is a waterproofing agent that protects stones and bricks from deterioration

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Invisible water-repellent

Brickcover is a protective water repellent for stone and bricks that, thanks to its catalyst, penetrates deep into the support, leaving unchanged the superficial aspect of the stone. Its formulation based on potassium salt makes Brickcover a long lasting treatment both on horizontal surfaces and verticals . Penetrates into the porosity of the stone, it does not produce any film on the surface and allows the natural breathability.  

Water repellent effect


Brickcover is a product that prevents the formation of moulds, bacteria, saltpetre and efflorescence, keeping the environments healthy. It is colourless, odourless, non-toxic, respectful of human being and environment, suitable therefore for use in green building. By reducing the water and moisture absorption of the façade, it also produces substantial energy savings in the building.

Brickcover on artwork

One for all

Suitable also for the most porous stones such as tuff or sandstone, is a colourless and odourless treatment. Just a single application of Brickcover to keep the original look perfectly unchanged in time

Brickcover on natural stone