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Microcement in London

Contemporary microcement furniture

Have you ever seen furniture made out of concrete ? If you have - they were most likely made out of timber and covered with a special coating resembling concrete. This coating is called Microcement. The main reason concrete furniture are made this way is weight saving. But not only that. Microcement furniture is a…
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Underfloor heating with microcement polished floor

Microcement polished floor is very easy to clean, it looks great in contemporary styled house, but is it warm ? Nobody likes cold floor, so we fit underfloor heating. Great. Microcement create perfect mix with underfloor heating. With modern electric¬† or wet heating system the cost of running it dramaticly plan ahead and install…
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Contemporary style with Microcement worktop

Microcement quickly became very¬† popular, with its uses in most areas like kitchen, bathroom, living room, foyer, basement or swimming pool, it beats tiles or other traditional products. We receive quite a lot of enquires, about kitchen worktops covered with microcement. Mainly customers want to know, whether it is safe, fire retardant or hygienic. Yes…
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Minimalist style with micro-cement

High quality microcement is a great alternative to tiles. Extensive choice of colors allows for full flexibility, it is a product of choice when minimalist look is required. Seamless surface of micro-cement, when compared to tiles with grouting lines, looks cleaner and much more sophisticated, yet at the same time simple. Extremely durable although quite…
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