Concrete overlay

Concrete overlays are perfect option for surfaces not suitable for polishing. Your old slab, cracked or uneven can be transformed into high end beautiful glossy floor. Perfectly smooth, seam free finish can also be enhanced by use of decorative sawcuts or by usuing colored aggregate. Growing demand, mostly in the high end residential areas looking…
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Minimalist style with micro-cement High quality micro-cement is a great alternative to tiles. Extensive choice of colours allows for full flexibility, it is a product of choice when minimalist look is required. Seamless surface of micro-cement, when compared to tiles with grouting lines, looks cleaner and much more sophisticated, yet at the same time simple.…
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Transforming London houses Kensington Green Ltd specialise in house extensions, dedicated team always on stand by to tackle new task.We have a dedicated team of loft conversion specialists, we can provide quality accommodation at a realistic price. Our Lofts and Dormers are built to architect and local authority specification. Our skilled workers do their job…
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